in wood… that make the difference


Customized expertise, flexibility and a peace of mind, this is what Boccam offers!

Since its creation in 1975, Boccam manufactures wood doors and jambs for residential and architectural markets. Boccam also manufactures a range of woodwork such as mouldings, baseboards, casing, O’GEES and other custom components in wood. We regularly add new products to our product line according to contemporary market trends. We control our production activities, from the selection of the raw material to delivery of the finished product.

Nothing is left to chance. Architects and designers can easily download the technical data of our products from this site. Our wide range of Interior wood doors, woodwork, door jambs and other wood components can be purchased through one of our specialized distributors located in your region. Our know-how and our unique flexibility allow us to meet your requirements for manufacture and delivery without compromise.

These advantages, combined with the expertise and commitment to excellence of our staff guarantee you a service that meets your expectations. Our concern for the environment, our efforts in research and production, our flexibility and our service make Boccam a reliable supplier and a partner of first choice.